Joshua Land Cruise Live - Workshop 3

October 16, 2017

This week with Joshua Live, we wrap up the final workshop from our Joshua Live Land Cruise. All those who attended were able to discuss their questions for Joshua, in person, and gain the clarity they had been seeking on the opportunities for expansion, that they face in their daily lives. We wrap up with Workshop 3, but there is still a Live Roundtable to come! To add to the goodies, keep an eye out on our social media pages, for our next Joshua Live gathering, coming up!


Joshua Land Cruise Live - Workshop 2

October 9, 2017

This is the second of three workshops that took place at the Joshua Land Cruise in September. Workshop participants were chosen to ask Joshua for insight and guidance, on questions that they were seeking clarity on and to raise the vibration of the very concept they had been struggling to expand. Joshua answers them Live an in person, as we had a great session of exploration, together. We hope that you will join us for our next Live Joshua Event; follow us on social media for details!


Joshua Land Cruise - Workshop 1

October 5, 2017

This is the first of three workshops that took place at the Joshua Land Cruise in September. Workshop participants were chosen to take their place in the "lukewarm" seat and ask Joshua questions. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of love and laughter in the room. We hope you enjoy it and that you can come to the next Live Joshua Event. 


Ep 53 - Turning On the Purest Vibrations of Source

September 25, 2017

In this episode, Joshua discusses how non-physical beings are with us in every moment, all of the time, just as Source is with you. Do you realize that you can never be without source? Sometimes we perceive we are without source but that is an illusion. You can never be without Source, you can only be with Source. All you can do is be flowing Source, or thinking that Source might now be there. Your Inner Self is with you, your millions are with you, Source is with you and love is flowing to you. All you can do is allowing it to flow, or cut it off. Think of the electricity that is always flowing to the light bulb. You can leave it on or turn it off, and you do this with a switch. You could control the switch, turn it on and light and energy flows and it illuminates. You could turn it off and leave the room in darkness, it's completely up to you. If you're thinking about the energy of love and the flow of Source, how do you control the switch of that? Is that flow always coming through you? Just like the electricity is always flowing, on and ready to go, until you turn the switch off. That light will shine until that light bulb blew out, but you can never blow out. You can never get too much, you can only allow whatever to flow through you, in infinite proportions and the more it flows the easier it is to flow. When you are in gratitude, joy and excitement, you're allowing the flow to come through you. 


Ep 52 - Realize Your Power While Experiencing Your Expansion

September 18, 2017

In this episode, Joshua discusses how each experience is for expanding, and realizing our power will allow us to create a reality that we enjoy experiencing through! We are joined by the most powerful people on the planet Earth right now. Those of you joining us, are more powerful than you can imagine. You have talents and abilities that are beyond what you can even conceive. You are stronger and more magnificent than you have any clue as you're looking from you limited perspective.


Ep 51 - Expansion in Physical Reality is by Your Design

September 11, 2017

In this episode, Joshua talks about the contrast of expansion within physical reality. Joshua starts today full of excitement to be in this environment of physical reality, sifting and sorting, expanding, processing fear and living life to the fullest, being authentically who you are. We can only imagine what that is like, because from our non-physical perspective, we don't really sift and sort, see from a limited perspective or feel fear. Therefore, we don't expand in the way that you expand. We expand by hoping for you and wishing that you do well, and being excited for you, supporting you when you're down and out. That is what we do in the non-physical; it's nothing compared to what you're going through in the physical. Are you having fun experiencing in the physical? Are you noticing that things are expanding right now in this time of awakening and how awesome the potential is? It may seem that you're encountering difficulty, but it's simply a change in the conditions and your state of being, moving you towards where you want to be. Sometimes it seems as if it is going backwards, but it is a perspective of not knowing what the future holds. All that is, is simply resistant to what is, or you can work through it a bit, find your balance, and find your bright side. Your bright side, is that you're attracting things you really want, and they're coming to you. In this contrast, and feeling negative emotions of being out of alignment and limitations, what can you do in the moment? Is it best to let it roll, or is there something you can do? In the moment, you cannot deny that everything is okay, seeing that you're living life, breathing air, food, a roof over your head, and in this moment in your body, this moment is okay. Therefore next moment will be okay too, and when difficulties arrive, you'll be in a different vibrational state, so you can feel the benefits of feeling better to receive inspiration for the next step. 


Ep 50 - The Clarifying Effect of the Solar Eclipse

September 4, 2017

In this episode, Joshua talks about how a recent event creates a moment of clarifying effects of focusing in a way that is empowering. This is an exciting time for us! Do you know what's happening right now in the evolution of Earth? What is happening, is a total eclipse of the sun. This is marking a time stamp on your history, between what happened in the past and what is happening in the future. This exact day and time is a clear indication that what happened in the past, lead you to this point right here, and everything is going to be different and change from this point on. You are ascending, and moving from mostly living in fear, to mostly living in love. This eclipse is a causality of focus. Everyone on the planet is looking and focused on this one event, especially North America. Isn't it interesting that this is happening right now and that you can focus in unison together?


Ep 49 - The Two States of Being: Allowing vs. Resistance

August 28, 2017

In this episode, Joshua talks about two very different states of being: Allowing versus Resistance.  In allowing, everything works out perfectly! In resisting, you are assuming that things aren't going very well. You're just assuming that things are serious, that there are consequences, and that things can go wrong. In allowing, you're also assuming. You're assuming that things can go right, and that everything is working out. You're assuming that fun leads to energy, leads to acceptance, leads to interest, leads to passion, leads to the unfolding of all of your desires. So, you can assume that things are not going to work out although you do not know that. Alternatively, you can assume that things are going to work out, and possibly you do not know that either. If you have listened to this podcast before and heard what Joshua has taught us, and you understand how this system of physical reality really works, you can have faith and confidence that the system is designed for you to live the life that you have intended to live.



Ep 48 - Align With the Forces of the Universe

August 21, 2017

Joshua begins this episode by talking about the perspective that you are choosing, anywhere you may be. There is the perspective that is aligned with your inner self or the limited perspective that is out of alignment with your inner self. You choose which perspective you will entertain. It is always your choice.

The perspective of being on vacation is wonderful, but being home is not, it simply a choice. You can choose the perspective that is empowering or not. It's always your choice. Living the life you desire and creating your reality is all a matter of which perspective you choose. Joshua explains this process in more detail.


Ep 47 - See the Magnificence That is You!

August 17, 2017

Joshua starts this episode talking the difference between your perspective and their perspective, and how you will understand who you really are when you transition to the nonphysical. They see the magnificence that is you now. You could see that now if you choose to see yourself from the higher perspective. Once you pull back and see yourself from the higher perspective, you change your idea of who you are and as a result, your world must change.