Ep. 24 - Why Joy Is Important

February 5, 2017

Joshua begins this episode by talking about the concept of joy; how it is natural and why it is important. We are meant to experience joy. But what is joy and how does it fit in with the laws of the universe and the mechanism of physial reality? How does joy assist the manifestation process?


Ep. 23 - Increase Your Desire, Reduce Your Fear, And Get Everything You Want

January 27, 2017

Joshua asks what we would like to manifest in 2017 ~ what you want to bring forth into physical from nonphysical.  Debra Jo jumps in by saying that she is manifesting what she wants in this exact moment. She's in the room with Gary while he is channeling Joshua and has been on her manifestation list for some time. Joshua talks about manifesting anything you want in 2017.


Ep. 22 - Use the Power of Your Focus to Manage Your Fears

January 23, 2017

The students ask Joshua about manifestation events and how to handle them using their new approach to life. Joshua encourages them to push through their fears, and they expound upon perspectives and pre-paving. They also introduce the concept of post-paving as way of heading off potential manifestation events.


Ep. 21 - The Universe Knows What You Really Want

January 14, 2017

Joshua opens talking about how there is a feeling in the air in 2017.  They ask what will keep you apart from your highest expression of yourself? They say we tend to race ahead to the conclusion and from our current perspective we cannot realize it is a process of many steps, starting with the first step. Trust the universe knows what it is you really want.  Relax, be easy, have fun and act on inspiration the moment you feel it. 

Astrid jumps in to ask Joshua to talk about the process of getting your desires without putting a lot of work into it.  Joshua shares that when you feel excited about something, it's best to move in the direction of what it is without attachment to the outcome.

Wendy shares a revelation she had about why her phone will only play the relationship meditation and how that relates to her becoming her authentic self.  Joshua reminds her all love is created within and she doesn’t have to rely on anyone to feel love. 

Kyla talks about a fear she had come up recently.  She has an interest, she pursues the interest and as soon as someone shows some interest she stops for fear they will now have expectations of her.  What if she doesn’t live up to their expectations?   

Kate asks about the importance of being in the present.  Joshua explains how to follow “sparked” ideas. 

Emma asks about trusting intuition vs knowing when something doesn’t feel right to you.  How do you tell the difference between fear and intuition?  

***FYI -- this episode ends somewhat abruptly. There was a disturbance in the force (i.e. Gary's doorbell), so Joshua relinquished his body in a rather quick fashion, and we took that as a sign that the call was complete. Hope you enjoy it, because we sure as hell did!***


Ep. 20 - How to Make 2017 the Best Year Ever

January 6, 2017

Joshua opens this first episode of 2017 talking about how we get to choose our perspective and how we can make this year the happiest, best year ever! We create our reality by our reaction to what we perceive to be going on. This year we can choose to become more of the limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance that we are. Nothing else matters. It all comes down to our choice to focus on our observation of our reality in a way that is empowering rather than limiting. Choose to pour more love out.

The group asks lots of awesome questions and as usual Joshua gives lots of awesome answers.



Ep. 19 - How to Channel New Energy

December 29, 2016

Joshua opens this episode talking about moments. What is it that makes a moment good? Each and every moment is creative. Even though some moments seem better than others, they are all creative. Your only job is to think about how good you can feel in this moment.

We can learn to frame our moments to be empowering and beneficial. The trick is to practice this habit.  We are used to taking the limiting perspective, Joshua asks us to change our habit to pivot from the limiting perspective to the higher perspective to channel new energy.

Wendy ask Joshua how to break this habit of thinking limited thoughts.

Kate asks how to create an empowering story.

Astrid asks Joshua about the body, how we create stress with judgment of the moments, past and future.

Wendy asked about the upcoming holidays and resistance.

Kyla shares how she shared the podcast with her mom. Her fear of negative emotions equals a limited perspective.

Emma asks about the feeling of disappointment when someone else gets something you really want. Her friend has a date with a hot guy and she wants to know why her friend and not her.

We experienced some vibrational difficulties with Steve's audio this week. Sorry not sorry, because it's all perfect!


Ep. 18 - The Power is in the Moment

December 17, 2016

There is a difference between true and false desires. A false desire is something you want that will make you feel better. You might think you want something so the having of it will prove you're worthy. However, you're already worthy and so this is a false desire. Much of the ideals our society has is based on achievement and the collection of material stuff just so that you can feel worthy. But worthiness must come from within. What you want to strive for are true desires. These are the things that feel good just because they are fun, exciting, interesting, etc.

All creation is performed in the moment. The moment has all the power. You receive inspiration in the moment. Do whatever feels good in the moment. The past is just a reference point, but the future is created by what you do and how you react in the moment.

This is a fun episode featuring Steve, Kyla, Wendy & Astrid.


Ep. 17 - Treat Your Life Like An Experiment

December 9, 2016

Joshua starts by talking about the manifestation process. It begins and ends with desire. Steve, Kyla, Wendy, Kate, Astrid, Emma and all those who wanted more information about universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality are responsible for bringing forth Joshua into physical reality. It is the desire that brings anything from an idea (nonphysical) to it's physical manifestation. However, your beliefs must come into alignment with what you've asked for so that you will recognize it when it comes. The alteration of beliefs is the basics of the manifestation process. In order to make this easier, joshua suggests the use of experimentation.

This episode features Kyla, Steve, Emma & Wendy.


Ep. 16 - You Receive Thoughts That Match The Vibration You Are Currently Emitting

December 1, 2016

This episode was recorded on Monday November 28th, 2016

Joshua opens today's podcast by explaining the natural process of receiving thoughts as inspiration and coming into alignment with those thoughts through desire. Fear is the only thing that interrupts this natural process. The manifestation of any desire is possible as long as the desire is stronger than the fear.

Kyla talks about her major shift regarding her feelings of worthiness and how her fears can shut this feeling back down.

Steve talks about his interview for a new job that just fell into his lap. Steve has decided to not wear a suit for this interview, but instead to be his authentic self so he can go into the interview as who he really is.

Emma says she has been worrying about doing her performance assessment for work.

Kate asked Joshua to elaborate on what they were talking about with Emma as it pertains to her work.

Wendy talks about being more allowing during her Thanksgiving holiday. She asked Joshua about being stubborn in her perspective and how to be more aware of her thoughts and perspective throughout the day.

Astrid thought she didn’t want to talk today ~ she was looking for time to stabilize. She received an answer from Joshua this morning that was beneficial and Joshua asked her to share their answer with the group.


Ep. 15 - Pay Attention to What Excites You

November 18, 2016

This episode was recorded on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016. Joshua talks about the feeling of excitement. When you are interested in something and you feel the energy of excitement, then you can know it'sright for you and if you'll just follow that energy it will lead you to what you want and need.

Steve, Kyla, Kate, Wendy and Astrid all ask questions and receive some very interesting answers.