EP - 42 How To Bring Forth Nonphysical Ideas Into Physical Reality

June 10, 2017

The purpose of physcial reality is to bring ideas from the nonphysical and make them physical. This is the physical manifestation of your desires. In essense, you are a tool of the universe and your role is to make things physical. You do that by being the path of least resistence by which the universe uses you to create stuff. The more compliant you are, the more you will be used as a tool. In this episode, Joshua explains the manifestation process and One on One students ask some interesting questions.


EP 41 - One On One With Astrid

June 1, 2017

This is a special Joshua Live podcast with Astrid. It came right before Astrid began channeling Laurel, her own group of nonphysical teachers. This was a conversation that might have been what Astrid needed to get to the next level. However, she did not think so at the time.


EP 40 - You Can’t Know How It Will Manifest

May 26, 2017

Joshua begins by explaining how you can't really know what you want because it may not even exist yet. The One on One participants could never have wanted to be in a conversation with Joshua when they birthed the desire to know more about universal forces and to create the life of their dreams because Joshua did not exist and neither did the One on One program. All they had to do was allow the universe to bring them to their desire. They accomplished that by going with the flow of life and eventually they became a vibrational match to Joshua, just as you have done today.


EP 39 - You Are Equal To Everyone

May 17, 2017

Joshua begins by explaining how each person on the call is equal to every other person. Without each individual, the group would be less than it is. Each person brings their own energy to the group. While some people may have been in the group longer or know more or have established positions, no one is superior to anyone else. Joshua explains that we must remain equal and not take either the dominant pr subordinate position. Energy builds and flows when there is equality among people, and a new kind of power is created which then expands exponentially. 


EP 38 - What’s Your Excuse To Feel Good Or Bad?

May 12, 2017

This week, Joshua starts by explaining why they always feel good. It has to do with what they are focusing on and how they perceive it. Since they see no wrong anywhere in the universe, they don't find reasons or excuses to feel bad. Everything they look at is perceived in a way that makes it right, which allows them to feel good. This mindset is crucial for those wishing to remain above the emotional line.


EP 36 - Why Are You Here?

May 6, 2017

Joshua starts by asking the One on One participants why they are having this leading-edge conversation. Why are you listening to this podcast? If you think that maybe you'll receive some information to improve your life, then you might not be focused in the most empowering way. It's a very interesting idea. Joshua explains this clearly in this episode of Joshua Live.


EP 37 - The Key to Living A Successful Life

April 30, 2017

Joshua starts by explaining the Key to living a successful life in physical reality. It all comes down to one word. Do you know what that word is? The One on One Participants share their thoughts and ask new leading-edge questions.


Ep 35 - The Cruise Called Life

April 20, 2017

While the One on One participants are home now after returning from the Joshua Cruise, Joshua reminds them that they are still on a cruise, the ship is called Earth. The cruise of life on Earth is just the same as the week-long cruise in the Caribbean with their friends. 


EP 31 - Joshua Cruise One on One with Kyla

April 12, 2017

This was the first ever live Joshua in front of a real person. It was recorded on the second day of the cruise with Kyla. We were not sure what was going to happen, but as you might guess, it all worked out perfectly


EP 33 - Joshua Cruise Day Two Workshop

April 12, 2017

This is the second of three workshops where Joshua is channeled by Gary and answers questions from those who attended the first ever Joshua Cruise.