Realize Your Power While Experiencing Your Expansion

September 18, 2017

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) discusses how each experience is for expanding, and realizing our power will allow us to create a reality that we enjoy experiencing through! We are joined by the most powerful people on the planet Earth right now. Those of you joining us, are more powerful than you can imagine. You have talents and abilities that are beyond what you can even conceive. You are stronger and more magnificent than you have any clue as you're looking from you limited perspective.


Expansion in Physical Reality is by Your Design

September 11, 2017

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) talks about the contrast of expansion within physical reality. They start the call full of excitement to be in this environment of physical reality, sifting and sorting, expanding, processing fear and living life to the fullest.


The Clarifying Effect of the Solar Eclipse

September 4, 2017

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) talks about how a recent event creates a moment of clarifying effects of focusing in a way that is empowering. This is an exciting time for us! Do you know what's happening right now in the evolution of Earth? What is happening, is a total eclipse of the sun. This is marking a time stamp on your history, between what happened in the past and what is happening in the future.

This exact day and time is a clear indication that what happened in the past, lead you to this point right here, and everything is going to be different and change from this point on. You are ascending, and moving from mostly living in fear, to mostly living in love. This eclipse is a causality of focus. Everyone on the planet is looking and focused on this one event, especially North America. Isn't it interesting that this is happening right now and that you can focus in unison together?


Joshua talks about The Two States of Being: Allowing vs. Resistance

August 28, 2017

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) talks about two very different states of being: Allowing versus Resistance.  In allowing, everything works out perfectly! In resisting, you are assuming that things aren't going very well. You're just assuming that things are serious, that there are consequences, and that things can go wrong. In allowing, you're also assuming. You're assuming that things can go right, and that everything is working out!


Align With the Forces of the Universe

August 21, 2017

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) begins this episode by talking about the perspective that you are choosing, anywhere you may be. There is the perspective that is aligned with your inner self or the limited perspective that is out of alignment with your inner self. You choose which perspective you will entertain. It is always your choice.

The perspective of being on vacation is wonderful, but being home is not, it simply a choice. You can choose the perspective that is empowering or not. It's always your choice. Living the life you desire and creating your reality is all a matter of which perspective you choose. Joshua explains this process in more detail.


Joshua talks about How to See the Magnificence That is You!

August 17, 2017

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) starts this episode talking the difference between your perspective and their perspective, and how you will understand who you really are when you transition to the nonphysical. They see the magnificence that is you now. You could see that now if you choose to see yourself from the higher perspective. Once you pull back and see yourself from the higher perspective, you change your idea of who you are and as a result, you engage the Law of Attraction and your world *must* change.


The Good Stuff Gets Better with Your Focus

July 20, 2017

"YOUR perspective causes the thing to be good or bad, and YOUR focus brings energy to that thing."

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) begins by explaining the energy flowing through us, universal energy capable of creating worlds, and advises on how to maintain our perspective and focus in order to use that energy create more of what we want in our lives. One on One students share their questions and experiences, and Joshua offers empowering perspectives that help them engage The Law of Attraction. 




Joshua talks about How To Manage Conflict

June 29, 2017

This week Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) takes on the topic of conflict. Since everyone is unique and everyone views life from a unique perspective, conflict is inevitable. Joshua explains that no one sees the same thing in the same way. Everyone sees everything differnetly. The fact that we are able to agree on things is amazing considering the fact that we all see things differently. When we disagree, we enter into a conflict. However, since there is no wrong, then each side must be right (or atleast perceive they are right). The more we focus on how life and people in it are right, the more the Law of Attraction brings us what we truly desire.


We Are Thrilled To Be Here! Are You?

June 22, 2017

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) starts by talking about exuberence. Are you thrilled to be here? Are you having the belief that things are working out for you or does it seem like things are going wrong? You are in charge of your perception of reality. Are you focused on how right things are or are you focused on how things seem to be going wrong? Join the One on One students for another lively conversation!


Where is Your Focus?

June 15, 2017

Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) starts by talking about how we tend to focus on what's bothering us while we wait for our desires to manifest. We know by now that our desires will manifest as we maintain our alignment and create an environment of allowing. But sometimes we tend to believe that things are not happening fast enough. We get impatient, feel fear, and then allow ourselves to be distracted by things that do not matter. It's another lively conversation on Law of Attraction with Joshua and the One on One participants!