Burning Your Energy Up In Resistance

March 12, 2018

Do you have energy and are energetically full of energy? How did it come to you? So if your natural state of being in physical reality to easily accept energy because you are energy. Sometimes you feel more energetic than others, why is that? In alignment is your natural state of being, so you have no resistance to the state of well being, therefore, you accept the energy readily. In resistance, all you're doing is interrupting that state of being of flowing energy. Eating, drinking, sleeping breathing is a natural state of energy replenishment for the body; your energy comes from Source. You energy comes from the Non-physical through this environment, to you and your natural state is accepting this energy.   


Beliefs and Expectations You’re Holding

March 5, 2018

Do you feel as good as you look? You are all radiant and beautiful which is emanating from somewhere inside of you! Do you feel what it is like to feel perfect and to feel the way you felt the day you were born perfect? Can you feel that now, or is there some resistance to how you feel within your body, or how others perceive you? Do you feel pure and perfect or do you feel there is some room for improvement? How could you possibly improve if you are perfect in every moment and every detail as it is right now? You have created the absolute perfect life for you right now and for the vibration that you are offering to the belief and expectations you hold. You have created all of these conditions and the only difference is, is that you see that there is something that can be improved. So you're moving towards that which can be improved, or are you moving away from that which is wrong? If you're moving away, than you are resisting the perfection that exists in your life right now. The perfection, and every aspects of your life and conditions, no matter how wrong you think everything is, everything is absolutely perfect! All you're perceiving is wrong is simply resistance to all that is perfect at this moment.  


Which Perspective Are You Creating From?

February 12, 2018

In this episode, Joshua discusses how they are capable of looking at our experiences from the non-physical and physical perspective. Having access to the higher perspective, allows excitement of a limitless process. When you feel fear, you're looking at reality through a limited perspective and depending on which perspective you reach for, will determine your feelings and exploration. Here you are on one hand understanding physical reality and the inner workings of the Universe, and still thinking that things should be different than what they really are. Where are you creating from?


What is Your Excuse to Act?

February 5, 2018

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) wants to talk about what it is that you use as your excuse to feel good and bad. What it is you use as your excuse to act on inspiration, and to not act on inspiration? You are making it all up, and if you want to live the limitless life that you came here to live and expand in the way that is joyous to you, you have to start considering those things that you use as your excuse to feel good and feel that way more often! Joshua discusses how to bypass the limitations in your perspective, so that you can open up for step by step inspiration that leads to what you're wanting. 


Anything Is Possible Within The Life You’re Living Now

January 23, 2018

What we enjoy about physical reality is just how free we are to do whatever we want to do. We are absolutely free. Humans have never before in history been so free. All that freedom can sometimes be a little overwhelming because in that freedom we allow for *all* the possibilities. Joshua explains that our true freedom lies in choosing to be IN the experience we're in.  


One might think, “Why am I so limited? Why am I not doing everything I want to do?” Joshua offers us their perspective on these questions and many others in this week's episode of Joshua Live.


The Unlimited Version of Yourself

January 16, 2018

This is a special day, (not only because the episode was recorded on Gary's birthday), for the first time in history, the power of all of you combined with the power of all that is, has never reached a higher vibration before! This group that interacts with each other, is a vibration. You have come together to build something, individually and as a group. As you have fun enjoying what you're doing, you are utilizing forces of the Universe and you're able (if you choose) to literally create anything you want. The only difference between what you create, and what you could create, is your difference of opinion of what's possible for you personally as a human. As a human, you tend to look at yourselves in limited terms. You tend to believe in yourself as finite, with limitations, and with parameters. There are certain things that you can do, and those things that you can't do are not true. The only thing between what you can do now, and this unlimited version of you, is your opinion of yourself. 


Your Reality Unfolds To How You Can Be

January 8, 2018

In this episode, Joshua talks about feeling so good when we love and appreciate our Non-physical friends. He proceeds to explain that they also feel just as good when we don't care or focus on them! Joshua feels good because they do not use the conditions for feedback. Joshua says that the conditions are what they are, and we feel them anyways and then the right attractions set up. Joshua didn't set goals through Gary, to communicate; they simply felt good and over joyed and existing in a state of bliss and expressing their love, and all aligned for them and in turn us. Weren't we conditioned to the exact opposite of how we were taught to live life? We were shown to go out, and work hard, and be loving and in some intangible future time, you'll be rewarded for your acts and deeds? If you were "bad" were you somehow punished for being "wrong" in your choices? Joshua is here to tell you to simply just be. Be as big, loving, expressive, fearless, courageous, excited, and energetic as you can be and see what happens as a result of that! Your reality unfolds on how you can be. 


Joshua talks about How to Release Attachments

January 1, 2018

In this episode, Joshua (channeled by Gary Bodley) discusses how to release our attachments, which are a technique to control conditions. Returning our awareness to our knowing that resonates in alignment, we can see that there is nothing to fear, therefore attachments are limiting beliefs which we are in the process of working out!

If we fight against a condition, we drop out of alignment and lose the source of our power that we would have if we had said, "this is an interesting thing, in these conditions, I am choosing what I prefer rather than feeling that there is something wrong with what is happening right now. In alignment, I can receive inspiration and I can become a refined vibrational match to what you're wanting. 



Control the Fear and Find the Magic

December 26, 2017

In this episode, Joshua discusses how everything is shaping up and the magic of the Universe is working everything out when you go with the flow. Even if you're unsure of how it will all work out, and nobody can know how everything is going to be when it is all working out for them. All that you can do is perceive everything that is happening while everything is or is not working out for you. This allows you to have total control over every moment of your life.

You could choose to have a perspective, but you can really never know which way is right. You can see from a fearful way, or an empowering way. You don't know if either way is right, but you do know that one way will help you maintain your alignment and the other way won't. In alignment you have all of the power, and in fear, you have no power. Now that you're consciously aware that you don't know anything anyways, you can simply go with the flow, and choose to perceive that everything is for your benefit! This will allow you to act on inspiring ideas. 


An Inside Look at a One on One Session with Joshua

December 18, 2017

In this episode, we join Joshua as he shares a special One on One Student Session with Kyla Hinton. Joshua discusses how everything you want, nothing is off limits and it is all for you! Everything is all for you, it's in our perspectives sometimes we feel like a by standard or as if they're happening quickly for someone else, but that perception of the other person is happening only for you. The more you can realize that you're the center of all that is swirling around you, you can manipulate and direct it. Kyla has been seeing a pattern where life feels like magic and things keep showing up. Isn’t' the idea of magic, and having things coming out of the blue, fun?

In reality, things are appearing because you're a vibrational match to them, and disappear because you're no longer a match. You can have full control of whether they come back or not, based in your intentions, which are your true desires. You are lining up with all of the forces of the Universe. When inspiration rises, what usually happens? Fear rises as well, but why? It helps to make sure that you’re ready to be a match to what you’re wanting. Listen now to hear how Joshua explains this process further.