Joshua Live and the Law of Attraction

Beliefs and Expectations You’re Holding

March 5, 2018

Do you feel as good as you look? You are all radiant and beautiful which is emanating from somewhere inside of you! Do you feel what it is like to feel perfect and to feel the way you felt the day you were born perfect? Can you feel that now, or is there some resistance to how you feel within your body, or how others perceive you? Do you feel pure and perfect or do you feel there is some room for improvement? How could you possibly improve if you are perfect in every moment and every detail as it is right now? You have created the absolute perfect life for you right now and for the vibration that you are offering to the belief and expectations you hold. You have created all of these conditions and the only difference is, is that you see that there is something that can be improved. So you're moving towards that which can be improved, or are you moving away from that which is wrong? If you're moving away, than you are resisting the perfection that exists in your life right now. The perfection, and every aspects of your life and conditions, no matter how wrong you think everything is, everything is absolutely perfect! All you're perceiving is wrong is simply resistance to all that is perfect at this moment.