Ep 49 - The Two States of Being: Allowing vs. Resistance

August 28, 2017

In this episode, Joshua talks about two very different states of being: Allowing versus Resistance.  In allowing, everything works out perfectly! In resisting, you are assuming that things aren't going very well. You're just assuming that things are serious, that there are consequences, and that things can go wrong. In allowing, you're also assuming. You're assuming that things can go right, and that everything is working out. You're assuming that fun leads to energy, leads to acceptance, leads to interest, leads to passion, leads to the unfolding of all of your desires. So, you can assume that things are not going to work out although you do not know that. Alternatively, you can assume that things are going to work out, and possibly you do not know that either. If you have listened to this podcast before and heard what Joshua has taught us, and you understand how this system of physical reality really works, you can have faith and confidence that the system is designed for you to live the life that you have intended to live.



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