Ep 51 - Expansion in Physical Reality is by Your Design

September 11, 2017

In this episode, Joshua talks about the contrast of expansion within physical reality. Joshua starts today full of excitement to be in this environment of physical reality, sifting and sorting, expanding, processing fear and living life to the fullest, being authentically who you are. We can only imagine what that is like, because from our non-physical perspective, we don't really sift and sort, see from a limited perspective or feel fear. Therefore, we don't expand in the way that you expand. We expand by hoping for you and wishing that you do well, and being excited for you, supporting you when you're down and out. That is what we do in the non-physical; it's nothing compared to what you're going through in the physical. Are you having fun experiencing in the physical? Are you noticing that things are expanding right now in this time of awakening and how awesome the potential is? It may seem that you're encountering difficulty, but it's simply a change in the conditions and your state of being, moving you towards where you want to be. Sometimes it seems as if it is going backwards, but it is a perspective of not knowing what the future holds. All that is, is simply resistant to what is, or you can work through it a bit, find your balance, and find your bright side. Your bright side, is that you're attracting things you really want, and they're coming to you. In this contrast, and feeling negative emotions of being out of alignment and limitations, what can you do in the moment? Is it best to let it roll, or is there something you can do? In the moment, you cannot deny that everything is okay, seeing that you're living life, breathing air, food, a roof over your head, and in this moment in your body, this moment is okay. Therefore next moment will be okay too, and when difficulties arrive, you'll be in a different vibrational state, so you can feel the benefits of feeling better to receive inspiration for the next step. 


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