Ep 57 - The Trick of Physical Reality

November 6, 2017

In this episode, Joshua begins by explaining how they cannot imagine how it could get any better than this, and it is literally the best that it has ever been! There has been a better time on Earth, in history, or anywhere in the Universe, where it has been more exciting to be in physical reality than it is to be experiencing now. Are you able to feel the excitement and the change from the old approach to life to the new approach to life? Do you get what is happening here, or are you consumed by small problems that are dragging you down? Are you in the excitement of life and do you understand the benefit of the excitement? Or, are you focused on what isn't right? Do you think by focusing on the problems, that you can help ease them? Is there any benefit to being stuck on a problem? That is a matter of perspective because you can birth new desires and change from them. Is that an urge, or a true desire coming through? 


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