Joshua Live and the Law of Attraction

An Inside Look at a One on One Session with Joshua

December 18, 2017

In this episode, we join Joshua as he shares a special One on One Student Session with Kyla Hinton. Joshua discusses how everything you want, nothing is off limits and it is all for you! Everything is all for you, it's in our perspectives sometimes we feel like a by standard or as if they're happening quickly for someone else, but that perception of the other person is happening only for you. The more you can realize that you're the center of all that is swirling around you, you can manipulate and direct it. Kyla has been seeing a pattern where life feels like magic and things keep showing up. Isn’t' the idea of magic, and having things coming out of the blue, fun?

In reality, things are appearing because you're a vibrational match to them, and disappear because you're no longer a match. You can have full control of whether they come back or not, based in your intentions, which are your true desires. You are lining up with all of the forces of the Universe. When inspiration rises, what usually happens? Fear rises as well, but why? It helps to make sure that you’re ready to be a match to what you’re wanting. Listen now to hear how Joshua explains this process further.