Joshua Live and the Law of Attraction

Your Reality Unfolds To How You Can Be

January 8, 2018

In this episode, Joshua talks about feeling so good when we love and appreciate our Non-physical friends. He proceeds to explain that they also feel just as good when we don't care or focus on them! Joshua feels good because they do not use the conditions for feedback. Joshua says that the conditions are what they are, and we feel them anyways and then the right attractions set up. Joshua didn't set goals through Gary, to communicate; they simply felt good and over joyed and existing in a state of bliss and expressing their love, and all aligned for them and in turn us. Weren't we conditioned to the exact opposite of how we were taught to live life? We were shown to go out, and work hard, and be loving and in some intangible future time, you'll be rewarded for your acts and deeds? If you were "bad" were you somehow punished for being "wrong" in your choices? Joshua is here to tell you to simply just be. Be as big, loving, expressive, fearless, courageous, excited, and energetic as you can be and see what happens as a result of that! Your reality unfolds on how you can be.