Joshua Live and the Law of Attraction

Manifestation Events Bring Clarity

November 25, 2020

Your reality is a reflection of your vibration. Your vibration is made up of the thoughts you think, how you are being, your opinion of yourself, your approach to life, your current path of self-discovery and your beliefs. Manifestation events come to show you where you stand. The highlight beneficial and limiting beliefs. If you would like to raise your vibration and attract a better feeling reality, you must do the inner work to adjust your set of beliefs from limiting to empowering. Manifestation events that are accompanied by negative emotion point out specific limiting beliefs. When you adjust those beliefs internally rather than changing conditions, you remove your self-imposed limitations and your vibration soars. Always be thankful for each and every manifestation event. They are the tools we use to discover our limiting beliefs and they are incredibly useful.

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